June Simplified Hair Routine (fine hair natural)

I can not believe we are starting a new month here at Fine Natural Hair and Faith – the first summer month on top if it! Below you will find my simplified fine hair routine for the month of June.

simplified fine hair routine

Why Follow A Simplified Hair Care Routine?

Before I get into my monthly simplified fine hair routine. I give a quick explanation of the benefits of this method of hair care. If you’ve read any of my other monthly hair routines, then you can skip this section.

The basic premise is, I decided to simplify a lot in 2021 after being forced to curtail life due to the coronavirus pandemic.

My hair is important but it’s not the be all and end all of life. Minimizing how I take care of it may have initially begun with cutting back on time but now it’s about preserving and honoring the hair that God has blessed me with.

I also want to use up the hair products that I don’t really love and hone in on the ones I do.

Can you relate to that?

Benefits of Following a Simple Hair Routine

Besides using up products and reducing the amount of time consumed caring for my hair, there are other benefits to this simplified fine hair routine. These benefits include:

  • Discovering and focusing on the hair products your hair loves
  • Ultimately saving money because you’re using the same hair products for a full month
  • An increase in length because of less hair manipulation

Faith Based Hair Care

I believe we should include God in every aspect of life. He created us from our hair down to our toenails. Therefore, as a believer I would like to keep God involved in my hair care as well.

God in Heaven knows what we need in every area of life.

As a way to include Him in my hair care journey, I focus on a specific scripture for the month.

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Scripture for June

For the month of June I’m focusing on the verse of scripture from Luke 1:37 that says, “For with God nothing shall be impossible” KJV. I also really like the NLT version which says “For the Word of God will never fail.”


June Hair Plans

Now it’s time to review the hair products and routine.

My Fine Hair Routine

For the month of June, I’ll again be washing my hair on a weekly basis. I usually do it on Saturdays but sometimes on Sundays:

  • Pre-poo
  • Co-Wash
  • Deep Treatment
  • Style once on wash day
  • Refresh during the week if needed

June Hairstyle

Since it’s now warm on a consistent basis here in New York, I deem it wash and go season! Therefore, that’s the style I’ll be doing all month long.

I love the wash and go because it allows me to be loose and free with my hair. I embrace my natural curl patten when it’s defined or if it’s frizzy. Either is OK with me!

simple routine for fine hai

The way I preserve my wash and go is mentioned in the video below.

June’s Hair Routine Demonstrated

If you’re a visual person or just a bit curious, please watch this video where I go into more detail and demonstrate this faith based simplified fine hair routine:

YouTube video

Hair Products and Tracking Forms

If you’re interested in starting your own simplified hair care plan, here are links to the both the faith based and original simplified hair routine trackers:

Faith Based Monthly Simplified Hair Plan: http://etsy.me/3jVXaL8

Original Monthly Simplified Hair Plan: https://etsy.me/3945a7L

If you want to use one or more of the hair products that I’m using, there are links to each below. However, you may use whatever hair products you like. Just be consistent.

Some of these are affiliate links so I will receive a small commission from the referral. (Thank you in advance):

Hair Products for my Fine Hair Routine

Pre-Poo: Oil blend made with Henna Sooq’s Moroccan Hair Tea

Co-Wash: Curls Dynasty Give Me Slip Hydration Conditioner

Curls Dynasty Give Me Slip ...Shop on Amazon

Deep Treatment: Henna Sooq’s Sukesh Ayurveda

Leave in Conditioner: Curls Dynasty Kalahari Smoothie Leave-in

Gel: Camille Rose Naturals CurlMaker (available at Target and in many beauty supply shops)

Stylers: Hair Paint Wax (red) + EBIN NY Edge Tamer (strawberry)

Hair Paint Wax A Splash OfC...Shop on Amazon

*Note, the edge tamer from EBINY NY is available at many beauty supply shops

May Simplified Hair Routine

Lastly, in case you missed it and are interested here’s a link to my Simplified Hair Routine for the month of May. It also includes a video.

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