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fine natural hair stapleAloe vera juice is a great natural resource for natural hair. That’s because natural hair is naturally dry.

aloe vera juice or natural hair

The brand of aloe vera juice/aloe vera gel I prefer to use is Lily of the Desert which I purchase from Whole Foods. It’s available made from the inner fillet and the whole leaf. I’ve tried both and don’t much notice a difference when it comes to haircare so I stick with inner fillet which is cheaper than whole leaf. I’m sure there’s a difference when consuming internally.

The Lily of the Desert brand is also certified Kosher, 99.5% certified-organically grown (99.7% for the juice), it’s purity certified by the IASC (International Aloe Science Council) and packaged in BPA free plastic bottles.

How I use Aloe Vera Juice

I keep two bottles of aloe vera juice in my refrigerator at all times. One bottle is the original bottle that I purchase it in. The second bottle is a small sprayer which I regularly transfer about 3 ounces of the juice into.

On wash day I spray the aloe vera juice up and down my hair shaft after my final rinse. Since cold water rinses (meant for sealing the cuticle) can be crazy shocking to the scalp, I forego it and use cold aloe vera juice in its stead.

Spraying the juice onto my hair prevents the shock of having cold water run over the scalp.

I also use aloe vera juice in a number of my DIY hair recipes.

How I use Aloe Vera Gel

While the only difference between Lily of the Desert’s Aloe Vera Gel and Aloe Vera Juice is consistency, unlike my aloe vera juice, I reserve the aloe vera gel for smoothing my edges from time to time when I don’t want to use a products specifically for edge control. When applying aloe vera gel to my edges, I’ll usually follow it with a thick layer of shea or mango butter.

When I notice frizz along the top perimeter of my hair, I’ll smooth a little aloe vera gel over it to smooth it away and add back some of the curl definition.

Last off, when I don’t want to use (or am running low) on my wash and go products, I’ll use aloe vera gel layered over a conditioner. The result is a soft set wash and go that has lots of movement (although it doesn’t last as long as wash and go’s set with stronger holding gels).

Best Features

Incorporating aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel into my hair care routine has been beneficial in so many ways:

  • Helps to maintain moisture and can be sprayed on the hair for a burst of moisture at any time
  • It encourages curl definition
  • Helps seal the cuticle on wash day
  • Smooths frizz

Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice Ingredients:

99.7% organic aloe, citric acid (pH stabilizer), Potassium sorbet (a mold inhibitor

Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel Ingredients:

99.5% organic aloe, carrageenan (a natural thickening agent), citric acid (pH stabilizer), Potassium sorbet (a mold inhibitor


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  1. Pamela Thompson says:

    These products are stables in my hair routine and diy hair products. Thanks for the review.

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