How to Have Healthy Hair on a Budget

When it comes to budgeting, it’s highly likely that you don’t specifically factor in the costs of all the hair products and services you get done. You may include a small cushion as part of your personal care budget (if you have a budget at all) but are you focusing on maintaining healthy hair on a budget? Or do you you just regularly buy random products and services without any regard for how much these things are actually costing you?

If you know you like to buy different hair products and try different things with your hair on a regular basis, you may need to set up a hair care budget. Here are some tips:

1- Decide on what you can afford to spend your money on

For healthy hair on a budget, more isn’t always better. Hone in on what you actually need to spend your money on. Is it:

New products?
Hair tools and accessories?
Regular trips to the salon?
DIY herbs and butters?

Based on your hair goals, budget for what you need. Then, from time to time budget in the cost of the things you want. This is highly personal based on your income.

2- Pre-Plan Your Hair on a Budget

The best way you can have healthy hair on a budget is to pre-plan how you will care for your hair. This includes the hair products you will be using. Stay within your spending limits by planning ahead of time.

If you want something that can help you with planning for all your hair’s needs, here is a natural hair journal. It’s an instant download. So, you can get started right away.

3- Set up a separate spending account

Consider setting up a separate spending account for your hair care. Most banks don’t charge for additional checking accounts. So, you can definitely set up a separate one if you want to keep your hair care funds separate from the rest of your money.

For example, I have a separate bank account for my personal expenses to keep track of this life category. I also have a separate account for my grocery budget. This way I know exactly how much money I’m spending on food and household consumables.

4. Set up a Separate Spending Line in Your Budget

As an alternative to having a separate spending account, if you use a budget program like You Need a Budget (this is an affiliate link. I’ve been using this program for over 3 years now), you can set up a specific spending line for your hair care.

This method allows you to quickly identify just how much you are spending on your hair.

5- Use Cash Envelopes

Cash envelopes are famously used for other budget items when you want to use a cash only budgeting system.

Make an envelope called “Hair on a Budget.” Then, regularly stuff it with the amount of money you want to spend on your hair. Spend that amount and when it’s gone, that’s it til next month. This is also the best way to stay on track with your spending.

Hair care is a billion dollar business. Yet, you don’t want to spend all your heard earned coins on it. Or if you do, at least make sure you’re budgeting for it so other areas of your life don’t suffer.

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