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Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 10:03 pm

This is the first post of 2022 and I’m psyched about it because I’m unveiling all of the fine natural hair routines that complete my hair regimen! So, let’s get to it and Happy New Year Friends 🙂

fine natural hair routines

Before getting to my hair routines, I want to share how your routines are not your hair regimen. They are what make up your hair regimen. In other words, your hair routines are those things you do routinely that make up the totality of your hair regimen. I go into detail about the differences between the routines and THE regimen in this video here ~~~> Hair Routines Versus The Hair Regimen

In the last post of 2021 (Healthy Hair Goals), I shared my two goals for 2022. Yep, just two and with good reason… FOCUS.

To reach those hair goals, I’ll be incorporating certain hair routines into my regimen for the year. You’ll find them listed below amongst the others. Now for my fine natural hair routines…

Wash Day Routines

Wash day is the most important day as it relates to growing healthy hair. It’s the day that your hair is given a clean slate. My wash day routines will consist of pre-shampooing my hair before every wash, co-washing, shampooing and deep conditioning after every wash. This isn’t something new for me. What is different from last year is the frequency by which I’ll be washing my hair.


The importance of the pre-poo is overlooked by many. There’s so many benefits. I don’t want to veer too far off topic but you can read all about it here: Why You Should Pre-Poo.


I used to wash my hair weekly but I realized that my hair doesn’t require being washed that often because I don’t use products every day. I’m also not doing a lot of sweating in my head.

At the end of a week, I have barely any build up on my scalp or hair. Therefore, I’m switching to bi-weekly washing. So, that’s only twice per month. It’s also beneficial for length retention because it’s less manipulation.

Some of the types of products I’ll be using:

  • DIY Pre-Poo: Amla/Amla Oil/Distilled Water
  • Cleanser: Co-washing the first wash of the month; Shampooing the second wash of the month

Deep Conditioning + Strengthening

After washing my hair, I will be deep conditioning either with a product that contains a light protein or no protein at all.

Normally, I consider strengthening a separate routine but because my strengthening will come by way of Henna or Goat’s Milk, I need to deep condition directly after. So, I am now lumping this routine together.

After doing a henna every other month, I’ll follow it with a deep conditioner that doesn’t contain a protein. Doing so would cause protein overload and we don’t want that.

I’ll be alternating a previously used Goat’s Milk recipe with Henna at the end of every other month. It’s been some time since using Goat’s Milk but it’s a DIY recipe that is super useful for strengthening fine hair.

Because I’ll only be washing my hair twice a month, I’ll not only reclaim a lot of time to do other things. I’ll also use a lot less product, saving me more money. I still have quite a bit of hair products in my stash that I want to use up.

Protective Styling Routine

Some may not consider protective styling a routine but I emphatically do. The reason is it takes consistency to keep this manner of styling your hair going for an entire year. That’s right. I will be protective styling my hair for 99% of the year, only taking it down to attend a special occasion which doesn’t come around often. Especially, with the pandemic still in full effect.

My protective styling routine will kick off each wash day and I’ll only take my hair down 1-2 times a week to moisturize it and change the positioning of my secured hair.

Each month I’ll do a different protective style. This is very similar to my monthly simplified hair routines from 2021. The only difference is I won’t be as strict with the products I use.

I don’t do a lot to my fine hair and I recommend anyone with fine hair to follow suit. Less is truly more. Hence, my protective styles will not require much to do. Here are some of the protective styles I’ve done in the past and will likely repeat:

Moisture Routine

My moisture routine is simple. Moist of my moisture is imparted on wash day but maintained as I mentioned above. 1-2 x a week I will take my hair down and moisturize my hair using the LOC or LCO method. The weather will determine which method.

Cold weather = The LCO method

Warm weather = The LOC method

Related read: LOC Method Infographic

Trimming Routine

For 2022, I’ll be using the dusting method of trimming my hair throughout the year and at the end of the year, I’ll do a larger trim.

Dusting is simply taking off a 1/4 inch of hair or less from the ends of your hair. When you are done, the amount of hair cut looks like dust on the floor. Hence, the name.

I haven’t been to a professional to trim my hair for a few years and that will likely remain the same as I don’t trust many people to trim my hair without hacking off perfectly good amounts.

Also, since I am very careful to avoid doing things to my hair that cause major damage, I don’t feel the need to see a professional at this time. I can maintain the health of my ends at home. If I were to wear my hair straight a lot, this would be a very different routine.

Stretching Routine

RevAir Routine

It’s very important to me to keep my hair stretched as it greatly reduces tangles, thereby reducing the risk of breakage.

To stretch my hair in 2022, I’ll be doing so predominantly with the RevAir. Using this reverse air hair dryer helps me with setting my protective styles as well.

On the days where I want my hair in a stretched wash and go state, I’ll use the banding method.

fine hair routines

There you have it. My 7 (coincidentally, God’s number of completion) fine natural hair routines for 2022. And where am I capturing all of this information so I don’t forget?

In this Hair Care Planner (available on Etsy):

For a full look at the planner with me filling it out with my hair care routines, check this video out:

YouTube video

What are your hair routines? Please share them in the comments section

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