How To Stay Organized with Your Hair Care Routine

I learned a while ago that to succeed at anything, one crucial component for success is being organized. That includes my hair routine. Having an organized hair care routine is just as important as being organized in the other areas of my life.

organized hair care

When our lives are out of control, the culprit is always disorganization.

The same goes for your hair. When you find your hair difficult to manage, it’s because you don’t have an organized hair routine or system in place.

Tips to Make Changes and Get Organized With Your Hair Care Routine

When it comes to your hair care, what habits do you need to develop? Could it be:

– Having a consistent wash day
– Determining when to use protein in your hair
– Knowing what products to use consistently

The first thing you need to do is get honest with how you are caring for your hair. Evaluate what you are currently doing and see if there’s a lack of consistency and organization keeping you from reaching your hair goals.

Identify Good Hair Habits You Want to Develop

Once you’ve identified the habits you want to develop, take a look at the specific areas in the series of Good Hair Habits I share on by topic below:

Find and Use Your Staples: Good Hair Habit #1 – Making it a habit of using your staple hair products is not only a good hair habit. It’s also calming and cost effective.

Schedule a Set Wash Day: Good Hair Habit #2 – Sometimes the many steps you need to take to have an effective wash day, can seem overwhelming. Yet, it’s necessary. Scheduling wash day removes some of the overwhelm.

Dig Deep Every Week: Good Hair Habit #3 – Making deep conditioning a part of your weekly hair regimen will get you that much closer to your best hair! It’s the first step to moisturized hair. 

Moisturize and Seal Daily: Good Hair Habit #4 – What you do after you’ve washed and deep conditioned your hair for the week will determine how much of the imparted moisture you will retain.

Make a Date with Protein: Good Hair Habit #5 – Ensuring that you give your hair a protein treatment once a month is a good foundation for keeping your hair healthy with your strands fortified. 

Protective Style 80% of the Time: Good Hair Habit #6

Massage Your Scalp – Good Hair Habit #8 – Massaging your scalp is a good habit to develop. It’s an integral part of any hair care regimen.

Review Your Regimen Twice a Year – Good Hair Habit #9 – It’s a good habit to re-evaluate your hair regimen when the temperatures change between extreme hot and extreme cold.

Care for Your Hair from Within: Good Hair Habit #10 – Caring for your hair by what you do on the outside is not nearly as beneficial as caring for it from the inside.

Spending some time reviewing all the good hair habits you can develop. It will help you to develop an organized hair care routine.

Set Up Your Hair Care Routines

Now that you have the list of routines you’d like to develop, it’s time to start making changes. This is usually the hardest part of getting organized with your hair care routine. When you start putting into practice new routines, you’ll need to work on the organization and planning of it all. The more you are consistent, the easier it becomes.

To start, you’ll need to plan your routines by day. Perhaps, by the week. You can use a paper planner to outline and schedule when you’re going to focus and do specific aspects of your hair care.

I like to keep a list of all of my routines in a section of my planner. I learned this from The Organized Money on YouTube. It’s been a game changer for my organization. That includes my hair care routine. I check my planner daily. In the personal care section of my planner, I’m reminded of what I need to do to take care of my hair on a given day and usually at a specific time.

When you begin to track your hair care routine, you will notice how effortless it becomes. It also provides you with the accountability you need to stay focused and organized with your hair care routine.

Here is an additional resource to help:

Wash Day Hair Regimen Tracker

Organized hair care is just one aspect of having an orderly life. Check out The Organized Money’s advise on Organizing your Financial Life

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