My 1St Head Wrap

Head wraps have never been my thing. I’ve always wanted to just wear my hair out. Now that I’m older (and wiser with my hair care), I look forward to protecting my hair from the elements more often. Wearing a head wrap is something that’s gotten my attention.

wearing a head wrap

The ladies I see on Instagram wearing head wraps just make you want to do it. This is not only protective, it’s cultural. It’s classy. It’s such a beautiful highlight to a black woman’s beauty.

Here are some of the head wrap styles I’ve seen that I think are just beautiful.

I purchased a stretchy head wrap and a denim head wrap on Amazon. While they are pretty basic, they get the job done. I don’t think I’m quite yet ready for head wraps with lots of pattern. Maybe in the future.

One thing that had me a bit apprehensive with wearing head wraps is head shape. I have a bit of an egg head! Yet, what’s so unique about head wraps is they look different all the time and no way really looks bad.

Steps to Putting on Head Wraps

denim head wrap

There’s many ways to wrap a head wrap. Yet, because I’m a newbie I opted for the two easiest methods:

– Wrapped in a low bun

– Wrapped in a high front top bun

Head Wrapping High

wear a head wrap high
  • Secured my hair into a high bun using a PuffCuff (close to the front of my head)
  • Then, draped the wrap across the back of my head, twisting it snuggly in the front
  • Wrapped the twisted wrap around my bun and secured in place by tucking the fabric underneath
  • Adjusted for comfort
  • Then, ended with laying my baby hair

Head Wrapping Low

wear a head wrap
  • Put my hair into a low bun (low as I could get it)
  • Draped the wrap across the front of my head like I was tying on a scarf (note: set the wrap closer down on the forehead since it will slide back when securing)
  • Twisted the wrap until all fabric was wrapped snuggly around itself
  • Wrapped the twisted wrap around my low bun
  • Ended with….you guess it… baby hairs!
blue head wrap

Admittedly, wearing a wrap is taking some getting used to because it feels a bit heavy on my head LOL. I also feel like it could fall off. However, it stayed secure all day. So, I don’t anticipate it actually coming apart.

Finally, what I like about head wraps is your hair could be a hot mess underneath and nobody will ever know! (not that mine ever is ;-))

Do you wear head wraps?

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