10 “Fresh Start” Hair Resolutions to Try

fresh start hair resolutions

Got New Year’s hair resolutions that you have already given up on? Understandable. Most people don’t make it pass the second week of January before their resolutions have gone to smithereens. And here we are in the second month of the year.

The word resolution actually feels more like a dirty word. Why?

It’s because it’s more often than not a set up for disappointment and even failure. Especially, when you resolve to do things that require a bit of time commitment. Things like losing 50 pounds or improving the health of your fine natural hair.

OK one is probably much harder to do than the other but you get the picture.

Hair Resolutions: Little Changes, Big Impact

Getting rid of the entire notion of making big changes just because it’s a new year, let’s actually look at some practical hair resolutions to get your fine natural hair in check for 2020 and beyond.

1. Outline your hair goals

Make a list of the hair goals you’d like to work on and focus on only one or two of them. Then, research ways to reach your focused hair goals.

Trying to work on more than one hair goal at a time can be a recipe for failure because it can create overwhelm and lack of focus.

2. Prioritize Deep Conditioning

Promise yourself (with a little room for grace) that you will deep condition your hair on every single wash day.

3. Ditch Those Loser Products

Get rid of hair products that don’t serve you well. Give them away, throw them away or repurpose them (ex: shampoo to clean makeup brushes) but don’t use products in your hair just because you spent money on them.

4. Make a Regimen Change

Try a new hair care regimen.

Simple enough. Sometimes you need to do things completely differently.

5. Tweak it

Re-evaluate your existing hair care routine, looking for ways to improve it or become more consistent.

6. Hands Off

Make an effort to keep your hands out of your hair.

Touch it when you need to wash it and style it but leave it alone throughout the week. You’ll reduce a lot of “wear and tear” on your strands if you just keep your hands out of it.

7. Attend to your Ends

Practice examining your ends on wash day. If you need to trim out a knot or split, do it but don’t hang on to damaged hair for the sake of length.

8. Stimulate Blood Flow

End your day with a good scalp massage to get the healthy blood flow going. You’ll go to sleep more relaxed and will treating improve the circulation in your scalp, giving way to a healthier growing head of hair.

9. Daily Moisturizing

Moisturize your hair each morning (or night). This is a protective practice that will prevent your hair from experiencing dryness. Dry hair leads to breaking hair.

Sometimes you’ll find that you need to follow a full moisture routine. At other times, you’ll just need a bit of a spritz. Go by how your hair feels.

10. Consistency is Key

Stick to your hair routine.

If you know that using a cleansing conditioner over a shampoo works best for cleaning your hair on most days, do that. You don’t have to use shampoo to clean your hair. Yes, you may need to clarify from time to time but stick with the hair routine that works best for you.

If none of these resonates with you, then try to find something that does.

Focus on the fact that hair resolutions (or fresh starts, if you must), are about making subtle changes that lead you to your ultimate goal. And as always, consistency is key for your fine natural hair to be great.

Fine Hair and Faith

Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area. She shares tips for those with low density or thin fine natural hair. Her writings are mainly centered around herbal hair care and sharing easy hairstyles. It's her joy to inspire others using faith for living while caring for your "crown."

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    Thank you so much Michelle for winter treatment I will follow with my fine hair not growing do not know what to do i started to use Ominira Naturals April until now some times NY hair is still dry how do I use henna to cover my grey and which henna I should use I don’t line the red I want it to be black thank you

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