How to Be Low Maintenance with Your Hair Care

With all of the stress of 2020 which seems to have rolled over into 2021 because of the pandemic, it seems ladies are wanting to do less with their hair and are embracing low maintenance hair care.

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When researching the hair trends of 2021, I came across a very interesting article from Coast Southwest that further supports the desire for women to do less with their hair while not totally neglecting it.

What do I have to say?

About time!!

For so long, we have been frying and dying our strands like they aren’t that important. It’s only when you realize that you’ve done irreparable damage that you realize the importance of actually treating your hair more respectably. More importantly, it shouldn’t take a pandemic for people to want to embrace low maintenance hair care.

Importance of Low Maintenance Hair Care

I get it though. Hair is very low on the priority list when people are getting very sick or dying from a deadly virus. Plus, you are likely more focused on doing the things for your basic survival like:

  • Getting groceries without getting infected
  • Going to important doctors appointments without getting infected and in some cases….
  • Going to work without getting infected

Yet, with hair still being a very important part of the body (because who really wants to live without any?), you still need to provide it with some basic care.

So, if you’re one who wants to start embracing a more low maintenance hair care routine, I’ve got some tips for ya:

Wash Less Often

Long gone are the days of daily washing in some cases. Even for those of us that wash weekly, the time between wash days can be extended. I’ve started washing my hair every two weeks and it’s no worse for wear. In fact, it seems to be thriving a bit more.

fine natural hair

Make Wash Day a Spa Day

This may seem contradictory to the first tip but it’s not. When you are washing your hair less often, you’ll still need to take some time out to give it some TLC. This way, you do the most for your hair for just one day and it will be well supported until next wash day.

Some ideas for making your wash day a spa day:

  • Deep condition for a longer period of time while catching up on Youtube videos or reading a book
  • Massage your scalp with nourishing hair oils

Check out this article: 10 Ways to Give Your Hair a Spa Day

Do Low Maintenance Protective Styles

Protective styling has long been a practice of putting your hair up for a bit of time to give it a rest. Well, during the pandemic it’s a great “tool” for low maintenance hair care.

You can do your hair in braids and twists. Pin them up and only take them down for adding a bit of moisture. Protective styles help you to focus on the more important aspects of living that I mentioned above while still keeping your hair in good condition.

Check some of these protective styles for fine natural hair:

Milk Maid Braids: Lazy Day Protective style

Roll with Flat Twists

Photo Gallery of Protective Styles

Create DIY Hair Products

This may seem counterintuitive to low maintenance but stick with me. Certain DIY hair products, once created, can last a very long time. These include:

  • Hair growth oils
  • Hair butters
  • Moisturizing sprays

You can create your mixture of hair oils and hair butters in pretty large batches since there’s no water in them to spoil the product.

Moisturizing spritzes and sprays can keep in the refrigerator or freezer. So, you can make quite a bit as well.

The good thing about DIYing some of your hair products is you more than likely have what you need in your home to create simple recipes. That means you don’t need to risk being infected by COVID by going to the store. You can also order any herbs you may need right on Amazon.

Check out the recommended herbs and oils that I like to use here

At Home Hair Treatments

Similar to DIY hair products, doing at home hair treatments is especially helpful during the time we are living in with COVID and all.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to risk exposure to the virus by going to a hair salon. You’ll not only eliminate your risk; you’ll also save a lot of time and money.

Time + Money saved = Low maintenance hair care !

Here are some easy at home hair treatments you can do:

  • Temporary coloring (Henna is my chosen method of coloring grays)
  • Protein treatments (Many people only do this type of treatment once in a while at a salon. You can totally do it yourself. Check out this Goat’s Milk and Honey Recipe)

Self trimming is also something you can do at home. It’s not necessarily a treatment but it is a service people typically get done at a salon.

There’s a few ways you can trim your own hair that will keep your ends neat. Will they be perfect like when it’s done at a salon? No, but it will be good enough.

Don’t let the pandemic prevent you from giving your hair the care it needs. Low maintenance hair care is something that you can easily embrace during this dangerous time we live in.

Stay safe…Godspeed

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Michelle is a Christian natural hair enthusiast. She's been natural for 20+ years and shares natural hair care tips and easy hairstyles for those with low density or thin fine natural hair. It's her joy to inspire you to live by faith in God while caring for your "crown."

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