5 Best Things to Focus on to Improve Your Spiritual Life (& Hair)

Last updated on July 24th, 2020 at 10:16 pm

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One thing going through one trial after another can teach you is how much you need to rely on God and get rooted in Him.

One thing about sharing on the topic of fine natural hair AND faith is what is shared here with regard to faith and living the life, can be applied to any part of your life…including your fine natural hair.

So, while the 5 things I’m recommending you do will help your spiritual life, they can also help with improving your hair. I’ll notate a tip under each.

The very threads that hold together the fabric of your ability to stay afloat during bad times is being able to focus on spiritual matters that lead to Godly behaviors.

Here’s a list of five things you can focus on doing consistently for a better spiritual life.

1) Practice regular gratitude

Thankfulness opens the door to God’s blessings to be manifested in your life.  I have a Christian Planner for keeping my life in order while also reminding me to focus on Gods promises but I also have a prayer journal that has a specific place from gratitude

Hair tip: Thank God for the hair you have now and trust Him for growth and improved hair health

2) Make prayer a priority

Prayer is your channel of communication with God. Don’t wait for things to get bad in your life to the point that you are so paralyzed you don’t know what to do. Pray proactively for your health, family, finances and every other area of life that could be attacked by the enemy. Pray for God’s will based on His Word even when you are under attack and pray before you are under attack.

Hair tip: Pray for God to give you access to the knowledge needed to care for your hair and the wisdom to know what works best

3) Make daily confessions

Speak about how you want your life to be. Don’t speak about what’s happening in your life, the facts. Facts are subject to the Truth and truth changes the facts. The Bible says in Romans 4:17: to call those things that be not as though they were. That means to speak into existence what you want to be. I’ve been making very specific confessions for the last few months for certain areas of my life. Some would call it presumption or even silliness but the Bible calls it exercising your faith in God and His Word.

Hair tip: Speak how you want your hair to be, not what condition it’s in (unless it’s in good condition). For ex: speak things like “My hair is healthy, thriving and strong in the Name of Jesus.” and “I’m blessed from my scalp down to the ends of each hair on my head and down to the soles of my feet.” See this post: Why You Need to Stop Throwing Shade at Your Natural Hair

4) Sow good spiritual seeds for a good spiritual harvest.

Those seeds can be in the form of words, money or time spent on spiritual matters like Bible study or prayer. The more you sow, and water your seeds, the bigger and better your harvest.

Hair tip: Sow the seeds of time toward your hair care. Spend time nurturing it by washing, deep conditioning and following other healthy hair practices regularly.

5) Always put God first

No matter where you are in your walk with God, if you learn to put Him first in all that you do, you’ll see great spiritual gains. That means before making a decision, consult with God. Before making commitments, check in with the Father. This practice of putting God first will keep you from falling into a lot of pitfalls that the enemy sets.

Hair tip: Honor your hair as part of your temple which God created. That means asking God what’s best for your hair and using the best products on earth in it. Ex: All natural.

Unless you’re new to this blog, you don’t know that one thing that’s always emphasized is Consistency. In whatever you do, consistency is what brings about change; be it for your hair or your life.

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  1. Praise God El Elyon for your blog 🙌 while researching something else I was led to read this. I have been in the hair industry for 35 years now caring for many people’s hair as a garden. Recently praying about my own garden of hair. This blog was my answer thank you again. May God Elohim bless you richly

  2. Thank you for the time and effort you put in your Vlog it really is helpful God bless you and I hope Christopher is doing well

  3. Bellasee1 says:

    Beautiful, Thank you for sharing this Wisdom.

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