Finally Getting The Hang of Pin Curls

Last updated on August 4th, 2020 at 05:43 pm

Doing pin curls on natural hair can look so very elegant. Some people would say I’m a bit “old” to be learning all of these seemingly “simple” hairstyles. Maybe so, but I had relaxed hair for so long that other than wrapping it, I did not really style it much.

pin curls on natural hair
pin curls on natural hair

Today’s hair feature is just me sharing the results of doing pin curls and what I’ve learned. I tried to do pin curls many times in the past but they always came out looking very frizzy.

Doing Pin Curls on Natural Hair Wrong

If you are still learning the pin curl technique, please feel free to learn from my mistakes. Here’s what NOT to do:

  • Grabbing sections of hair (rushing), not taking into account that the sections actually need to be even.
  • Rolling the hair improperly. In order to properly do pin curls on natural hair, you need to leave some volume to the curl and not pin it flat against the head (unless that’s the look you are actually going for).
  • Pinning the curls on one side. In order to properly secure the pin curls, it’s necessary to do so on both sides of the curl
  • Barely stretching the hair. If you don’t stretch your natural hair out enough, your natural curl pattern will be too visible. Pin curls look best on straighter or stretched hair where your curl pattern is not so obvious.
  • Taking sections of hair that are too small. If you don’t take enough hair, the pin curls will appear to skimpy.
  • Taking sections of hair that are too large. Just like you can use too little hair in a section, you can use too much hair. Then, the pin curl ends up looking very misshapen.

To Sum it up…

I’ve gotten much better at pin curling my hair by varying how I do it.  Basically, I do the opposite of the bolded actions above.

Now my pin curls come out much nicer when I twist the section loosely at the ends first.

Pin curls are definitely a very elegant way of styling natural hair. Learn from my mistakes of pin curling natural hair for your best laid set.

Do you wear pin curls? How do you make them look nice and neat?

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  1. First of all let me say your bun looks great!!!!!! I pinned curl my hair before and had several failed attempts. What I did wrong was I made them too tight. Since my hair is uneven, trying to get every curl pinned down was a chore. I finally learned just to take small sections and work with that.

    1. Thanks girl! I had the same issue with rushing and taking big pieces. I guess the key is to take your time. I think it helps when the hair is stretched too.

      1. It looks really cute Michelle! I’m swiping the pic as the lead for a reblog of your JBCO Protein conditioner review!!

        1. Well alrighty then lol. I think it also came out better because I had did a henna not too long before.

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