Ridiculously Simple Ways to Improve Your Fine Natural Hair

If you’re looking for simple ways to improve fine natural hair, look no further. Below you will find a list of easy ways to help you improve the appearance and health of your fine hair.

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Simple Ways to Improve The Health of Fine Natural Hair

Before we get into some ways you can improve the appearance of fine natural hair, let’s first look at ways to improve the health of fine natural hair.

While you may want to improve how your hair looks and feels, the first thing you have to improve is the overall health of your hair. With better health, comes a better appearance.

  1. Do a Protein Treatment. If you’re struggling with breakage, a heavy duty protein treatment balanced with moisture right afterward will improve the health of your hair tremendously. Just one treatment will help get any breakage under control.

    Just don’t forget to use a moisturizing deep conditioner afterwards. Protein treatments need to be properly balanced with moisture. You may find some products on the market that are balanced with moisture and protein but these are usually maintenance products.

    So, do your research to make sure the protein treatment you are using is indicated for severely breaking hair (Example: Aphogee) or if it’s a lighter treatment for maintenance.
  2. Start using henna in your hair. Henna is one of those herbs that adds “weight” to the hair. I’ve personally used it for many years and my hair is that much healthier for it.

    Henna is easier to add to your hair regimen than you may think. Here’s a helpful article:
    Quick Ways to Add Henna to Your Hair Regimen
  3. Give it a rest. Sometimes all you need to do to improve the health of your fine natural hair is to stop doing so much to it. Lots of handling can cause fine natural hair to be under “stress.” So, chill on the hairstyles that require lots of twisting, braiding etc.

    Your fine strands will appreciate being left alone for a bit. That doesn’t mean neglecting things like moisturizing. This tip for improving fine natural hair is purely style related.
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low maintenance “leave it alone” hairstyle

Ways to Improve The Appearance of Fine Natural Hair

  1. Get a slightly layered professional hair cut. Soft layers will give your hair a bit more of a fuller look and thereby improve its appearance.
  2. Dust your ends. Not as drastic as a hair cut, dusting your ends is simply neatening it up. You would examine your overall head of hair and trim off any hairs that appear thinned out, split or worn. It’s not about making your hair even. It’s about making it appear uniform.

    For example, let’s say you twist your hair. You would trim off any hairs that make your twists appear thin at the ends.
  3. Clarify your hair. If you find that your styles don’t look as vibrant as you would like, you may need to clarify. Product build up will cause your hair to look dull. Plus, your hairstyles won’t come out as nicely.

These simple tips will help you to improve your fine natural hair rather quickly. It really doesn’t that much to maintain fine natural hair. Less is actually more, no pun intended.

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