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Last updated on November 11th, 2023 at 10:56 am

using the mane choice products on wash day

At the beginning of the year, I shared 10 hair mistakes I would no longer be making from 2017 on. One of those mistakes (at least for me), is using products from too many lines including using a mixture of products from various hair care lines on wash day.

One of the natural hair product lines that make up my staple suite of products is The Mane Choice Hair Solution.

Aside from the kids collection, baby collections and a few lone hair products, the Mane Choice offers three main collections of products:

  • The Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote Collection
  • Tropical Moringa Oil & Honey Collection
  • Easy on the Curls Soft as Can Be Collection
the mane choice moisturizing products

I began using products from the Ancient Egyptian and the Tropical Moringa lines in the fall of 2016. I recall so vividly what I first started using because my hair responded so well that I knew I had to buy more products from the line. I started with:

  • The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote Split End Treatment Serum
  • The Mane Choice Daily Daily Restorative Spray
  • The Mane Choice Tropical Moringa Oily and Honey Daily Moisturizer & Sealing Cream
  • The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage and Repair Antidote Hair Mask
  • The Mane Choice Laid Back Effortlessly Growth Stimulating Edge Control

I’ve since added the following products to my regimen:

  • Easy on the Curls Silk and Shine Shampoo
  • Soft as Can Be Revitalize & Refresh 3-in-1 Co-wash, Leave in, Detangler
  • Crystal Orchard Biotin Infused Styling Gel
  • Green Tea & Carrot Daily Strengthening & Restorative Mask Treatment

My wash days are thorough and complete with The Mane Choice. Here’s a peak at some of the key steps in my wash day process when I use products from this awesome line:

I don’t show it in this video but i’m also now taking Manetabolism Plus Vitamins. I’ll do a separate review on the vitamins in the future after I’ve consumed it for at least 90 days.

Have you ever used products from the Mane Choice Hair Solution?
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A Prayer for the Mane Choice:

Father in Jesus Name, continue to bless this amazing company. They not only provide us naturals with superior products, they also give back to the community. thank you for the founders, employees and supporters of the Mane Choice. Amen.

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Michelle Smith

Michelle is a Christian natural hair enthusiast. She's been natural for 20+ years and shares natural hair care tips and easy hairstyles for those with low density or thin fine natural hair. It's her joy to inspire you to live by faith in God while caring for your "crown."

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  1. Will Ibong

    Hi Michelle, can I use the mane choice ancient Egyptian split end treatment serum even though I have low porosity and protein sensitive hair?

    1. Michelle

      absolutely! I have mostly low porosity hair as well. You can use it on your hair when it’s freshly washed so the cuticles are already open

  2. Kay

    Thanks for responding! I forgot to ask you which one you prefer more: the Camille Rose fresh curl or The Mane Choice Tropical Moringa Duo? I see the mane choice Cream has protein and the CR does not. Thank you!

    1. Michelle Smith

      I like the Mane Choice better. While Fresh curl will always be on my staples, I think that my hair stays moisturized longer with the MC. I really think you’ll like both and there’s always alternating 🙂

  3. Kay

    I’m sorry. I meant I’m normal (medium) porosity.

  4. Kay


    I’m interested in purchasing the Tropical Moringa Spray and Cream as moisturizers. Both of them have glycerin as the second ingredient. Do you think it’s ok to use them all year round? I read that glycerin during the cold months is a no. Is this true? I live in NY. I’m low porosity and very fine strands. Do you use oil on top of the Moringa Cream? Thank!

    1. Michelle Smith

      Hi Kay, I live in NY too! I been using the spray and the cream almost daily since the summer and no issues. You don’t need any oil after you apply the cream. The cream is rich in oils and it serves as your sealant.

      When it first got cold, I was using these products and I must say I had the best wash and go! My hair stayed so super soft and people were complimenting me asking how I got my hair this way lol.

  5. Melinda

    I purchased the easy on the curls conditioner and forgot I had it. Last weekend I tried it and my hair felt like butter! It was so amazing that I decided to try it as a leave in but it got hard after it dried:( I am definitely going to try the shampoo next. I agree, I need to use products by the brand rather than incorporating different brands into my regimen. This is an easy task for a product junkie like me!SMH

    1. Michelle Smith

      Oh no. What did you use along with it when you used it as a leave in? I always seal with a light weight oil. If you have it, try using the Daily Moisture Cream on top of it as a sealant

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